Day 9. Beverly Hills what a thrill.

Let’s get through this. It’s 10:30 and I’m just starting my blog. I’ve had a great routine up until tonight. I have an alarm that goes off at 10pm and if I’m not in bed already that’s my signal to mosey on in. If I am in bed then I just roll over and grab a melatonin. I read somewhere for melatonin to be effective it must be taken at the same time every night. So, I take it at 10. It works. Usually by 10:45 when I’m wrapping up my blog, my eyes get heavy and I have very little trouble drifting to sleep. This has been a miracle as just weeks ago I would lie awake for hours.

Tonight, at 10pm when my alarm went off, I was driving around Dallas looking for a mailbox. After work I went for a massage. I bought the massage on Groupon a month ago and was planning to go between my old job and my new job as part of my relaxation days but had a small stomach bug for 24 hours, which was accompanied by a fever, so I had to postpone.

I went tonight, I was nervous. I could tell I was nervous but couldn’t really tell why until I realized it was just about my anxieties and insecurities. I noticed that especially as she was massaging the fat in my arms. It was overall a very nice and relaxing experience even though she couldn’t get all the knots out and I told her it was not her fault, they’re deep and they’ve been there a while. I do feel it’s worth going back because the tension in my back lightened as I left the studio or parlor, or shop front, whatever it is.

I was in a post massage cloud and ready to hit the hay when I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner and I needed to go to the post office. It was a little late for dinner, it was already almost 9 and it was a 35 minute drive home. I googled post offices and found about 4 that were within 6 minutes of my drive home and different parts, so I set out.

I’m not going to go into great detail but I am going to cuss I went to THREE MOTHER FUCKING POST OFFICES THAT DIDN’T HAVE GOD DAMN MAILBOXES OUTSIDE. THREE.

And those idiots wonder why no one uses USPS anymore.

They had mailboxes in the lobbies, which were closed. I got so frustrated that I basically spent almost an additional hour driving around Dallas, like an idiot, looking for a mailbox. Finally I just went to the post office by my apartment – which is 10 minutes south east of where I lived so I wasted all that time trying to avoid going out of my way which I ended up doing in a major way.

In the middle of this, I found an In-N-Out and got myself a tasteless double double, protein style, no cheese, no special sauce, add onions, pickles and mustard. Spoiler alert with out cheese and special sauce… and a bun… In-N-Out can just stay out. But it was compliant and I wanted to eat fries and a milkshake so bad. So bad. Alas, I didn’t. I stuck to the plan.

So around 9:30 I ate, around 10 I found a mailbox. Around 10:15 I took a shower and here we are.

Now for the entertainment portion of tonight’s broadcast: I think my upstairs neighbor has been murdered.

I say that, sort of in jest, but hear me out. He’s lived above me since before I moved in. He’s quiet, he’s single or at least lives alone. You can hear footsteps when someone is home and lucky for me, he’s fairly light footed. He seems sort of like a weird guy, but not in a bad way. He reminds me of a mormon, the ones that are out on their missions. He’s young, clean cut, nerdy and wears very plain business clothes.

A light but plain colored button up and dark pants. He’s not a very good parker and sometimes his car sticks out too far and it’s annoying to try to park next to. One time I was carrying a box in and he asked if I needed any help. There’s no way he’s more than 23. I think he had a girl over once. It’s like I could feel the candles burning and him trying to make an awkward move. Based on footsteps she stayed over and this was once in the past year and a half and that’s basically all the visitors I’ve heard him have, except one time it sounded like there was a dog up there too.

So anyway, as I was winding down my Friday night last week, around 10-11pm, before I got into bed I was laying on my couch watching TV. The stairs outside are attached to my living room wall so I can hear when someone is running or shaking the stairs. It only ever bothered me when my old neighbors still lived here and they had two huge dogs that would run up and down the stairs and it would shake my living room wall. Now, when the valet trash collectors come, I can tell because they are running up and down so quickly at almost the same time every night.

Friday night, it sounded like someone was getting dragged upstairs. The only reason why I thought that was because previously I had wondered if my upstairs neighbor was a serial killer. I’m not sure where that notion came into mind but it did and I wondered about it since. I used to not mind him at all but then I got weird vibes from him one night in the parking lot and just assumed he was a serial killer but I was safe because obviously too close to home?

The weight that went up the stairs Friday was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, it was multiple people and they weren’t running but it was heavy and they were moving or dragging something because the way it sounded. At first I joked to myself that he had another victim. That didn’t seem appropriate. Then I just got mad because of all the noise they were making. Whoever was there in his apartment was stomping around. The way a person does when they are trying to get out of somewhere quickly. He may have bought something and had people help him move it, that’s a big possibility.

Except, his car hasn’t moved in a few days. And, it’s pulled so far up on the front curb, the front hangs over the little grassy slope. Also, that is not how he normally parks. So then I thought maybe he was drunk. Maybe the cops followed him home and they ran after him, up the stairs. On Saturday there were a few footsteps in the apartment, again, not his and then there has been nothing since.

Occam’s Razor says – he had friends help him move something in on Friday and now he’s out of town.

My theory is he has been murdered and any day now I’m going to start smelling it.

I watch too many killer shows.

I had BLT for lunch, it was great. I’m out of bacon for the week which seems unfortunate as it’s only Tuesday.

What do you think my neighbor was up to on Friday?

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