Day 24.

Alright, final stretch. Body wise I do feel better, I’ve noticed very little discomfort aside from the strange symptoms I’ve had with the vertigo and fatigue from vaccine/new job and adjusting. I think this was just weird timing to do a challenge. I’m really glad I did and I’m planning on on incorporating exercise soon.

Last night I didn’t blog, I stopped working at 6:30, then had to run to pick up my package from my old job. Luckily it was outside this time. I hurried home, it was 7:30 and I started making dinner. Once I got through with that and the nightly kitchen clean up, I sat down. It was after 9. I put on Arrested Development just because I needed something to decompress with. I got into bed, turned on some music on my laptop and the next thing I knew it was 4am.

That was a little too early for my blood so I went back to sleep until 7. I’ve been making bacon and eggs for breakfast most days because I’m home and why not. However, it’s getting tiring making it every morning and eating the same thing every morning. Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day and I’ve always struggled finding a good, convenient option.

I have however gotten used to sugar and dairy free coffee. I’ve found a nice mix of almond milk and the pure coconut milk in the can. I heat it up while the coffee is brewing and make a quick frothy latte. The coconut whips up nicely into froth and although I’m an iced latte girt at heart, I’m a regular latte girl at home.

I decided to venture out of my cooking comfort zone. My intentions were high this week and so tonight, I attempted some new things.

  1. Jicama tortillas. I bought this stupid mandolin kitchen slicer and dicer online specifically to try this recipe and didn’t even think about the fact the blade was only 2 inches big. Also, I guess I really didn’t know what a jicama looked like until I saw it in person. Anyway, I couldn’t get them razor slim or to cut evenly through the whole thing. So I ended having pieces of jicama. I cooked a few to see what it would be like and it definitely did not resemble a tortilla in any favorable way. I think they sell the jicama slices/tortillas at trader joe’s now but I had it in my head that it would be fun and easy to make at home. It wasn’t. Lol. They were crispy and reminded me of an asian pear, without the flavor. I looked up how jicama is normally used and they suggested raw over salads or baked into fries. I may try and bake the remaining pieces yesterday, I put the uncooked bits in the fridge and started my second idea for dinner.
  2. Broccoli tots. I don’t know what I was thinking last week as I did my grocery list but I had convinced myself these would be easy and delicious. So I used my dumb new mandolin and the grater and started grating the broccoli by hand. Quickly I noticed that I wasn’t making much progress, so I decided to pull out the blender and do it that way. I did and needless to say my kitchen was a disaster area with all my new cooking projects and gadgets. After blending the broccoli I realized that I was supposed to blanch the broccoli but that was too much, I was going to microwave it but had forgotten. So I threw it in with some flax seed and seasoning and an egg. Honestly they weren’t bad, the outsides were crispy and the insides were squishy and good. It seemed a little dry over all so I wonder if having cooked it a little before would have made it a little bit better. I did one head of broccoli and there’s a few servings of tots. It’s great because I wanted to have vegetables on hand to make making lunches easier and these are great for making eating veggies a little easier and fun.
  3. I made another meatloaf, but because I decided to do it since I was already making all the other things I wasn’t focused enough. I ended up making the recipe a little different from time, but it was still really good. It was just in an attempt to have ready made food available.

I spent almost all night cooking tonight. It’s good and bad because I like to try new things and branch out a little, but at the same time I just feel like I used to have so much more free time. It’s hard adjusting still but I think it will just keep getting better and better as the days go on.

My apartment is still in a state of disarray and that causes some anxiety and stress because I constantly am feeling like I need to be cleaning up. Especially since I’m home all day to notice it, but this weekend it will all get done, that is the goal. It’s makes a huge difference having a neat and tidy space. They say the home is a reflection of the mind, so…

Also, there may be a new member of the family coming along soon. I’m meeting a dog on Friday that is up for adoption. That is bringing on a whole new level of thoughts and emotions and we’ll have to explore that later. It’s after 11 and I’m not even in bed yet, so I have to go.

At least the mandolin gadget makes waffle fries. Also, the meatloaf wasn’t ready so I just scooped some out.

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