(25) marathon

I mean, whatever, it’s 5 am, but…. I HAD to find out who the killer was.  I got home from the gym around 1 ish. I stayed almost 2 hours at the gym because I wanted to do 42 minutes of cardio, while I watched an episode of The Killing.  Like most shows I get […]

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(24) did some things

Woke up his morning and did some things.  Watched some TV then I did some things.  I ate brunch before I did some things.  Took a nap after doing some things.  Woke up and the did some things.  Ate dinner and went to do some things. Those things were running errands for my brother. Had […]

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(23) home stretch

its the final countdown.  Thank fluff. Today was weird at home, we had a little situation which was very dramatic (cough cough mom) but everything worked out alright. However, during the hubbub, dinner time came and went. So we ordered a pizza.  Mom felt bad and said I didn’t have to eat it, but after […]

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