Sexy Tree

This is going to be a big year for me. This already is a big year for me. Based on what’s already happening, being planned, being executed ¬†and all the surprises that I don’t know anything about yet. I turned thirty and now all of a sudden I’m running on all cylinders. I know when […]

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“Flop” (Day 29)

It’s funny that at the beginning of this challenge I assumed my blog would be full of vegan foods, the recipes I used, websites I’ve found, articles I’ve read, etc. Instead it’s just been a mix of everything but. That’s all right with me as this is more fitting. I had another interesting day at […]

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“Stifled” (Day 22)

I feel like one of those crazy people that are responsible for their own cause and effect, then stop and wonder why. While talking to my CPBFF today we realized there is certainly a reason that I’m going through the things I am going through. I was thinking later on tonight about how this experience […]

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