The Killing Fields.

So, turns out Cambodia is not a stranger to awful, horrible, civil violence. This was something I did not know until I began my research, months ago, for the lesser talked about country on the South East Asia tour… To sum up, in the early 70s there was a terrible presence in Cambodia known as […]

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Angkor Wat

My alarm went of at 4 in the morning. It was time. Through all my planning and internet scouring there were but a few things that stood out as highlights – beyond the promise of cheap massages, drinks and all of that sort. But rather, a few cultural icons I was eager to meet. One […]

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Cambordia Crossing

The excitement grew on my last night in Bangkok. It was finally time to really start my adventure and move on to another foreign world. Cambodia sat in my mind as a dream for so long and it was about to come true. The only thing on my Bangkok bucket list, as itemized through Pinterest […]

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