“Obsession” (Day 6)

I’m exhausted. Literally, utterly, totally, horribly exhausted. Too much physical work in the past 2 days and not enough sleep. Not to mention for some rude reason, my room has all of a sudden decided to boil up. And my AC doesn’t work. I was enjoying my afternoon so much today. After finishing my 2nd […]

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Day 24. Class numero 23. I’m telling you – this is the best feeling I’ve ever had about myself and certainly the most peace I’ve had with life, in I think my entire life.  I can’t tell you exactly what is happening, but I know that it’s a mix of several things. The first of […]

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Breaking Bikram

Day 12. 11 classes. It sucks that I feel like shit. I woke up a little heartbroken. There’s a sadness in my heart from the boy breaking up with me… among other things. I was planning on going to yoga, but when my bestie called and proposed a beach day instead, I had to go. […]

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