“Identification” (Day 8)

Day 8 – Thursday to Thursday – as promised : Today was going to be a such a great blog. All day I’ve been so excited to share with you the fact that I’ve lost 3 kilos! 6.6 pounds! I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist, 2 in each of my thighs, an inch on […]

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“Obsession” (Day 6)

I’m exhausted. Literally, utterly, totally, horribly exhausted. Too much physical work in the past 2 days and not enough sleep. Not to mention for some rude reason, my room has all of a sudden decided to boil up. And my AC doesn’t work. I was enjoying my afternoon so much today. After finishing my 2nd […]

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The up and down

Well, one full week of 30 day challenge behind me and I feel – meh. To be completely honest I’ve only gone once to yoga this week. And that was extremely difficult. It was an emotional week for me, on several levels. One, because of my dad. Two, because when I was leaving starbucks the […]

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