I ┬áchose to not go to Laos. I chose instead to come back to Thailand and explore more here so that my experience of Thailand is not Bangkok. Bangkok is not my idea of a great time, a big, gross, busy city where the heat sits on you like an elephant, or an older brother […]

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“Craving” (Day 11)

When I did the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat I learned that the point of it was to get rid of all cravings and aversions. The idea is that all human suffering is caused by craving something or averting something. When you realize this and start to break it down it makes complete sense. I […]

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In motion.

The past week or so has been sort of life changing. And not in a tangible way. In more of a way that this is the week that it all began to change. So maybe not a week full of change, but rather full of the beginning of change. In the past few days I […]

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