We’re all a little broken.

I’ve found myself in a lucky conundrum where I need to decide between money and companionship. As you’ve probably heard, via facebook, my blog or spilling out of my mouth the misery I felt at my last hostel: the one filled with “kids” “looking” for work. So I made a decision to leave, which was […]

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The Sojourner Truth

I’ve been on Australian turf for 11 days. In a way, it feels like a lot longer, until I try to catch a train in Melbourne and realize I have no idea which one I need. Getting to Sydney. I left Fiji in the afternoon, on a very clear and sunny day. We got 30 […]

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Eat. Sleep. Meditate.

You know how sometimes a person says ‘I read this amazing book’ or ‘I watched this amazing show’ or ‘traveled to an amazing place’ and you say “I want to do that!” Sometimes you do, sometimes you think about doing it. Well, a friend of mine, in a side note – a “p.s” on an […]

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