I tore my leggings yesterday at a restaurant. There was a nail in the leg of the chair that stuck out, caught the back part of my calf and ripped a pretty good sized hole. I was pretty bummed. There’s not a whole lot of places to buy leggings in Asia, more so there’s not […]

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“Detour” (Day 14)

So, you’re going to laugh… Guess what happened? A co-worker side swiped me and quit and is leaving before I am, which means that today my boss asked me if I would extend my stay YET AGAIN for another week or two. I know, hilarious. This god-forsaken town is like a magnet and these annoying […]

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plus minus

A lot of my frustrations come from observing. I am an observer and sometimes it’s a really hard role to play in life. Always feeling a little on the outside, always feeling a little out of the moment. So far this trip has been like that for me. I’m sure part of it is the […]

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