(7) Quarter

Short blog today – mostly because I’m tired. Today was good and bad. Bad because I was fighting cravings almost all day, and eventually broke. I had chocolate (70% cacao) and a small scoop of mango sorbet. The good part is that I didn’t eat all of the food, ever. I was tempted, especially because […]

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(5) Still not a habit

I fell asleep at like 8 tonight. I woke up around 10, because the light was still on and my mom is really loud. I hadn’t really eaten dinner, because I wasn’t really hungry after lunch. However, I felt my blood sugar was really low so I ate a handful of raw nuts that I […]

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Challenge accepted.

Bikram. Day 2. Nervous/Excited. (Pre class scribble) I was looking forward to a very restful, relaxing full sleep when I got home yesterday. Unfortunately, I was so full of energy, I was unable to fall asleep for quite sometime. I finally was able to sleep, close to 6pm which is generally the time I wake […]

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