(13) Another Day

Well, I am certainly not editing nor changing last night’s blog. It’s hilarious. I was really drunk obviously, but it was so strange, because on the train ride home apparently I kept saying things then forgetting I had said them and said them again 10 minutes later. I felt that my sober brother wanted to […]

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(8) Thunderheart.

I need to start writing earlier in my day, because I am so tired at night, I don’t give it my all. Today was fun. I had my first official, official personal training session today with Chris, who is now belovedly entered in my phone as Coach. He’s great, fun and motivating. He doesn’t mind […]

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(7) Quarter

Short blog today – mostly because I’m tired. Today was good and bad. Bad because I was fighting cravings almost all day, and eventually broke. I had chocolate (70% cacao) and a small scoop of mango sorbet. The good part is that I didn’t eat all of the food, ever. I was tempted, especially because […]

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