I call New Chapter!

Today marks the last day of my Coober Pedy, South Australia, outback, bush, desert, middle of nowhere chapter. Tomorrow begins yet another chapter of unknown possibilities. Exciting and scary, equally. I’m sitting for my last shift, here at the reception desk, looking out the window and across the street to the greyhound terminal where I […]

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“Ohhh..” (Day 26)

Well, folks, our challenge is coming to an end. We are so close to the finish I can almost taste it. Seriously, I can taste bacon. Is that a bad thing? Was pretty stoked for breakfast today as it was left overs from last night which consisted of a veggie schnitzel in a wrap with […]

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“Detour” (Day 14)

So, you’re going to laugh… Guess what happened? A co-worker side swiped me and quit and is leaving before I am, which means that today my boss asked me if I would extend my stay YET AGAIN for another week or two. I know, hilarious. This god-forsaken town is like a magnet and these annoying […]

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