31 days and counting…

The night before a challenge… just exciting as the night before Christmas. Probably more exciting because the magic of Christmas gets lost in adult hood. However, the magic of constant change and unlimited possibility lights up my soul like no other. Admittedly, it’s been a while since my soul has been this lit. All through […]

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(25) marathon

I mean, whatever, it’s 5 am, but…. I HAD to find out who the killer was.  I got home from the gym around 1 ish. I stayed almost 2 hours at the gym because I wanted to do 42 minutes of cardio, while I watched an episode of The Killing.  Like most shows I get […]

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(24) did some things

Woke up his morning and did some things.  Watched some TV then I did some things.  I ate brunch before I did some things.  Took a nap after doing some things.  Woke up and the did some things.  Ate dinner and went to do some things. Those things were running errands for my brother. Had […]

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