Fuck You, Toaster.

No matter how you spin it, if it’s looming over you, it’s bound to cast down on you. And so it will and as it does… you find yourself pinned down by it. There’s nothing wrong with loving the wrong person. It’s allowed, if not encouraged to all. Especially when you’re young. The tragedy comes […]

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28 days

Day 28 and my 27th class! Oy, the 10am… Got off work at 7, hurried home and immediately threw some clothes in the wash. I had exactly 90 minutes before I needed leave to head back downtown for class. ALL of my yoga/workout/tanktops/leggings/anything that could pass in a bikram class were dirty so I HAD […]

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Work, Bikram, Protest, Sleep.

Day 23. 22 classes. I think it’s funny that 23 days into it and I’m getting burned out on blog writing more than yoga doing. Today was good. The more you do certain postures the more you realize what you should be doing to get that perfect stretch or compression. I am excited that this […]

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