Fur Jake

I chose to come to New Zealand for 2 reasons. The first being that in order to open my NZ work holiday visa, I had to enter the country before July of this year as I had applied and was approved for my visa last year. The rules are simple – apply before you’re 30 […]

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“Surge” (Day 5)

Hi friends! Wow! Today was a great day! First of all I only slept for roughly 4:45 last night. Got into bed at 10, mind wouldn’t settle. So it was time to meditate. I did a guided meditation last night, opposed to the 10-15 minute silent meditations I’d done the previous nights, in order to […]

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“Flounder” (Day 3)

Perhaps the routine of my days is roller coaster. I was in a great mood this morning when I woke up. Well, a little sore in the arm area and in parts of my body where it seems the muscles are waking up after just a few teases with pushups, planks and squats. My abs […]

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