Fur Jake

I chose to come to New Zealand for 2 reasons. The first being that in order to open my NZ work holiday visa, I had to enter the country before July of this year as I had applied and was approved for my visa last year. The rules are simple – apply before you’re 30 […]

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“Wow” (Day 30)

Folks, it’s over. It’s been a ride. It’s been 30 days of what turned into quite a challenge. For those of you who have kept up with the challenge – you know what a roller coaster I’ve felt I’ve been on the past 30 days. Only amplified by inability to turn to my comforts of […]

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“Cupcakes” (Day 25!)

Let’s cut to the chase, this sexy little thing over here made some pretty bomb cupcakes today. Unfortunately the frosting was like a sweet, sugary coconut bomb. I know, as against wars and weapons as I am if there had to be one kind of bomb in the world I would definitely vote for sugar […]

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