I tore my leggings yesterday at a restaurant. There was a nail in the leg of the chair that stuck out, caught the back part of my calf and ripped a pretty good sized hole. I was pretty bummed. There’s not a whole lot of places to buy leggings in Asia, more so there’s not […]

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Angkor Wat

My alarm went of at 4 in the morning. It was time. Through all my planning and internet scouring there were but a few things that stood out as highlights – beyond the promise of cheap massages, drinks and all of that sort. But rather, a few cultural icons I was eager to meet. One […]

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The struggle is encouraged.

It’s been a strange road lately. Before I got to Australia I expected to come here and fall in love with it. That didn’t … and still hasn’t happened. However now at least I am getting an experience that I was craving. I live and work in a small town called Coober Pedy in the […]

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