“Wow” (Day 30)

Folks, it’s over. It’s been a ride. It’s been 30 days of what turned into quite a challenge. For those of you who have kept up with the challenge – you know what a roller coaster I’ve felt I’ve been on the past 30 days. Only amplified by inability to turn to my comforts of […]

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“Flop” (Day 29)

It’s funny that at the beginning of this challenge I assumed my blog would be full of vegan foods, the recipes I used, websites I’ve found, articles I’ve read, etc. Instead it’s just been a mix of everything but. That’s all right with me as this is more fitting. I had another interesting day at […]

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“Duality” (Day 28)

Oh, what? Day 28? Like. A. Boss. The challenge is coming to an end!!! SHIT. I just realized I still haven’t done my push ups and just got out of the shower… Although I had this great moment today when I was talking to a friend and caught my arm out of the corner of […]

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