(18) all about that bass

I am literally so sore from gym, that I can barely type, let alone stay awake. I may have over done it. I was looking forward to going to the gym all day because of my high from yesterday, but waited too long and lost the energy to go. However, I knew I would feel […]

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(15) Pumpkin Spice Naughtay

Well I really fucked the fish today. I had a PSL and all hell broke loose. I had a job interview today, so what that meant was I had to get up and leave the house 1,20 minutes ahead of time. I walked to the train station (15 minutes) and caught the bus to a […]

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(14) Change of Challenge?

Have you ever been so tired of a food that you just. can’t.? Because I feel like that right now with meat… and salad. I had to stay at my brother’s house again today to work on a project which ended up taking 5 hours of consistent work on the internet. So, I didn’t have […]

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